DigitAL Training and Assessment by DigitAL Cranes

DigitAL Training and Assessment – delivering industry leading operating and safety training and assessment.

In today’s environment it is critical to your business success that your staff are trained to operate machinery and are fully aware of safety requirements. At DigitAL Training and Assessment Ltd, we ensure that you or your staff are trained and assessed to meet these demanding requirements. We do this by incorporating industry leading operating and safety practices within our training and assessment processes. We ensure that all participants walk away with a comprehensive understanding of what is required to work safely and productively, to help drive your business success. We have a range of training that is designed to cater for all skill levels. Our Assessors are interactive, thorough, and best of all; we give your staff the opportunity to be assessed to Industry requirements.
These standards are increasingly important and necessary for securing business contracts and will help ensure
your company does not miss out.

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DigitAL Crane Training - How does this all work? Training and assessment is undertaken at the trainee’s workplace using the machinery and equipment that they would be later operating*. This familiarity with surroundings and equipment is critical for ensuring relevance and achievement. Please contact us to ask us how we can assist your business with industry leading operating and safety training and assessment.

* Please note - it is the responsibility of the trainee to ensure that the machinery and equipment used for training and assessment complies with all regulatory and safety obligations prior to the course commencement.